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Family Martial Arts Center Virginia Beach, VA has created a style that benefits all people regardless of age or ability. Find out more about our Kenpo style of teaching!

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Family Martial Arts Center

Virginia Beach, VA

We have created a style that benefits all people regardless of age or ability. We teach Kenpo, a style of martial arts that focuses on self-defense which can be used for real life application. We have also added the traditional Japanese style of Goshin Jitsu karate. Goshin Jitsu by definition means, “to the way of self defense” and also brings together many techniques that can be used in real world situations.

Kenpō is a modern term describing one of the more innovative martial arts practiced in Hawaii and the Americas.

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  • "I'm really honored to be part of this Dojo. All of the instructors here put their heart into the school and the students. Sensei Jim Bacon is one of the most humble men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting."
    Shihan F.
  • "They treat all their students like family!"
    Rebecca N.
  • "We have been at FMAC for a little over 3 months now, and we love it. My son loves attending the classes and has learned so much. His confidence has improved drastically. He really focuses and has tremendus respect for the Sensei's which is good because they demand that. With his new found confidence, I have seen improvement in his behavior in general and his school work! You can't go wrong with FMAC. Thank you for all you do!"
    Kimberly M.
  • "This place is so wonderful! FMAC is family oriented, fun, disciplined and effective! The teachers are very qualified and friendly, as well as very respectable! I also appreciate that each person is taught in a group setting, with partners of equal or higher belt ranks, and individually. I encourage people of all ages to attend a class, as I enjoy the Kenpo and Kickboxing classes and always look forward to the next class."
    Victoria G.